The G-Spot & Female Ejaculation

An Erotic Guide for Lovers

Female ejaculation is every woman's birthright, and the G-spot produces an exquisite orgasm that is different from the clitoral orgasm. Female ejaculation expert and author Deborah Sundahl tells all there is to know about female ejaculation and the G-spot in this explicit guide that is sure to get that feminine fountain flowing again! Learn what female ejaculate is, how to locate and stimulate the G-spot, how to create female ejaculate, what sex toys are useful and how to use them, and discover the best sexual positions to create female ejaculate. Six real life couples discuss their experience with female ejaculation, and explicitly demonstrate just how easy it is to learn. This is the ultimate and most practical guide on this fascinating topic.

*Location of the G-Spot
*Stimulate the G-Spot
*Stimulate the G-Spot with a Partner
*Stimulate the G-Spot with a Toy
*Sexual Positions for G-Spot Stimulation
*Multiple G-Spot Orgasms

70 minutes, Explicit
Host Deborah Sundahl
SKU D641
UPC 677070641060


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