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Includes 3 DVDs:
The Modern Tantra
An Erotic Workshop for Lovers
Modern Tantra is a spiritual and sexual pathway for 21st century lovers. Learn the essential elements for expressing divine energy in and between lovers. Explore this journey as sacred lovers. Unlock your mind, your emotions, and the seven energy centers of the body. Let yourself be guided to explore full-body/mind/spirit connection with your sexual partner, from the very basics to the secrets for attaining divine sexual ecstasy. Practice new sexual techniques that work.

*Attitude, emotions and senses
*Spirit into flesh
*Practical techniques that work
*Connecting to your lover
*Multiple orgasms
*A pathway to great sex

Tantric Sexual Massage for Lovers
New Heights of Orgasmic Pleasure!
Create a transcendent erotic experience for your beloved. Spread sexual sensations throughout your partner’s body with this simple, step-by-step Tantric Massage for Lovers. Discover ways to produce spontaneous ecstasy. Our expert couple teaches other attractive real life couples how to reach new heights of pleasure by taking erotic journeys together and practicing amazing genital massage. Deepen your intimacy and create a shared sense of reverence by giving and receiving pleasure.

*Key Concepts in Tantric Massage
*Massage Techniques
*External Female Genital Massage
*Internal Female Genital Massage
*External Male Genital Massage
*Male G-Spot Massage

Advanced Tantric Sex Secrets
A Loving Guide to Sexual Ecstasy
Discover the Tantric Erogenous Zones and the secrets of Tantric lovemaking. Learn how to stimulate your lover in new and exciting ways, mutually orchestrate arousal, and reach higher and higher states of ecstasy. This simple yet ancient system really works. It is a powerful way to enhance pleasure and deepen intimacy. Watch attractive real couples explicitly practicing these techniques. Once mastered, knowledge of the Tantric Erogenous Zones can be incorporated into any form of lovemaking.

*Key Concepts in Tantric Lovemaking
*Primary Erogenous Zones
*Secondary Erogenous Zones
*Tertiary Erogenous Zones
*Putting the Practice Together
*Positions for Tantric Lovemaking

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Running Time 290 minutes


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