Sexy Neighbors 2 DVD Set - Volume 1


Consists of 2 DVDs from the Voyeur Series.
Voyeur Volume 5 - Please Please Me
Voyeur Volume 6 - Come On

In Please Please Me, two old lovers get together at their High School Reunion and put the past behind them. In Perfect Match, a young woman seeks the ideal man through a computer dating service and ends up with the ideal woman instead. In The Conversation, when Janet gets the evidence that her husband Tom is having an affair, she has a very unusual reaction. In Empty Nest, after the third partner in a long-running threesome departs for a new life, her former lovers try to find someone new to take her place, only to rediscover one another. In Wife Swapping, four recent college grads play the wildest and sexiest game of Truth or Dare ever. In, a mutual friend sets up a blind date between Brian, a bookish, relationship-challenged man in his mid-30s, and Mira, a sexy but scatterbrained young woman in her 20s. At her apartment for their first sexual encounter, Mira is the picture of confident sexuality, and Brian is, well, not. But he’s a good study and gets over his awkwardness quickly, coming back strong for an encore.

In Come On, Sam and Jessica, a couple very much in love, are having problems. No matter what Sam tries, Jessica cannot climax. Sam seeks outside help and fixes the problem. In Janice, Paul, Tracy & Kent, on a weekend outing to the mountains two couples decide to switch partners, with great results. In Friends Like These, Jackie is having a hard time getting over her boyfriend. Her friend Diane offers to set her up, but she rejects the offer. However, when a handsome doctor shows up at her door, she assumes that Diane did not listen and goes along for the wildest ride of her life. In New Neighbor, Candice needs to stop lamenting over a break-up with her boyfriend. Her roommate, Daphne, says she should find someone to help her get over it. Suddenly, a hot new man moves in next door who just mightbe the answer. In The Screws, a call girl who is hiding her trade from her husband is blackmailed by a mysterious stranger. In Knowing Jack, bored in the relationship with his girlfriend, Jack becomes increasingly aroused by thoughts of kinky sex. He’s unable to communicate his desires to her, but she soon discovers how to turn him on.

180 minutes, Explicit
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