Sexy Neighbors 2 DVD Set - Volume 4


In Open Marriage, Anne & Peter reveal to Sara & Charlie that they have an open marriage. After convincing Sara & Charlie to swap partners for the night, Sara & Charlie each have different reactions to the experience. In I Dare You, two couples play Truth or Dare in a game where anything is possible. In All Bets Get Off, a couple makes a bet over their fickle housemate’s romantic involvement, and the loser has to fulfill the winner’s wildest sexual fantasy. In Secrets and Lays, Elaine is upset by her boyfriend’s cheating. She finds comfort, and much more, in the arms of mutual friend Brad. InFriends Like These: J, C, D, Daria plays her boyfriend Joe and his best friend for fools. In More Than Friends, longtime friends finally go away for a romantic weekend. As they get more and more intimate, constant distractions interrupt their flow. Their persistence finally pays off in a surprising way.

In Sisters Who Share, a man bites off more then he can chew when he cheats with his wife’s sister. In Love with a Twist, Stephen and Jessica had the perfect relationship - until Stephen discovered Jessica in bed with her friend Valerie. Valerie becomes the addition to make it perfect again. In Two Guys and a Girl, Cheri has a fantasy to be with another woman but isn’t sure if she can go through with it. Her boyfriend coaxes her to accept the advances of her co-worker, Amy, and together they have the adventure of their lives. In Out of Sync, Ashley wants to start a family with her husband Donny. She works her schedule down to a science of perfect timing, and it’s up to Donny to perform whenever she calls. In Dalliance, a young lawyer is seduced by his boss’ wife, who turns out to have an ulterior motive. In Miss Perfect, a man searching for his perfect mate tries to set a more realistic standard.

180 minutes, Explicit
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