Senior Fitness with Meredith - Complete Strength Training with Dumbbells Series

Join us for our complete strength training workout series utilizing light weight dumbbells. These easy to follow routines combine a variety of movements to help build up strength in your full body and cater to all fitness levels. This DVD includes Closed Captioning for the hearing impaired. \n \n  \n \n"I have a huge passion for health and wellness, all stemming from when I was young. I got my AFAA personal training and group fitness certifications, along with countless continuing education classes to keep material new and fresh, and to always learn new things. I started my own personal training business, and went from there doing one-on-one training and bootcamp style classes. I have been primarily working with seniors since, and I absolutely love it. The amount I have been able to learn hands on and from the knowledge of the seniors I have worked with is tremendous. The amazing feedback of the results they are achieving, physically, emotionally, overallÉand the satisfaction I receive is endless." - Meredith


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