Penthouse Uncensored I


Two classic collections of Letters to Penthouse come together in one extraordinary volume. See how the sizzle started. And discover what makes the fire burn even hotter than ever. Filled with around 175 short sexy stories that are guaranteed to make you burn the sheets, there is definitely something for everyone in here! The Chapter Titles in Penthouse Uncensored: Part I include: Women With Women, Voyeurism, Swapping, Crossdressing, S&M, Oral Sex, Exhibitionism, Masterbation, Bondage and Discipline, Fetishism, Anal Sex, Group Sex, and Men With Men. Part II: Crown Scenes, Different Strokes, Domination & Discipline, Flying Solo, Girls & Girls/ Boys & Boys, Head & Tail, Pursuit & Capture, and Serendipity.


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