Over 100 S&M Sex Tips


Couples fire up their sex life with some hot horseplay and explore sizzling new sensations using blindfolds and cuffs, whips and ticklers, clips, chains, and corsets. Free your wild side by learning the ropes, getting into some power play, or trying titillating torture for a spanking good time. Over 100 S & M Sex Tips helps you explore your own submissive or dominant nature - whether you like to give pain or receive it, this book offers exciting ways to explore the world of sadomasochism.

Here you'll learn the basics and more, from how to get started and safety advice to imaginative ideas that range from role-playing to bondage. Whether your urge is to be mistress or pupil, strapped to the bed or holding the cane, there's something here to bring a jolt of electricity to your love life.



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