Neon Wand Obsidian Intensity Kit


Powerful, sexy, and discreet. The new Obsidian Neon Wand Intensity Kit includes a Black Neon Wand and the Electro-Whip & Flex Capacitor attachments. It provides intense electrosex in a beautiful black leather case.

The Neon Wand has long been blazing a trail as the most user-friendly, easy to use, stylish, and safe electric wand available. Its versatility in motion creates freedom in play like never before. It eliminates the annoyance of losing the current when tipped and the surprise of rogue shocks that make other wands on the market notorious. Included in this kit is the Black Neon Wand, which can be seen in the Agent Noir Kit.

The Electro-Whip is ten heavy falls of conductive silicone. Solid technology makes it possible to swing this electrifying whip similar to a normal flogger. The electric shock combined with the impact of the flogger is the ultimate double down.

The Flex Capacitor extends from the wand handle like a long forked tongue. Its two conductive prongs send a powerful shock to any skin it touches. 

The Obsidian Neon Wand Kit brings all of these possibilities together in one easy, discreet, leather case with zipper. The all-black design is elegant and timeless.


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