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Putting the "Sexy" in Sex Machines

Classic Tried-&-True Straddle Design w/ Attachments!

Motorbunny is the most advanced and versatile power vibe in the world. The legendary "all-the-way-to-eleven" power translates to mind-blowing orgasms by combining intense external vibration ("Buzz") and internal rotation ("Twirl").

Motorbunny thought of everything. Here's what you get inside the box:

  • Motorbunny straddle style saddle (11.5" wide, 8.5" tall, 11.5" long), covered in vegan leather with deep grips for easy carrying and positioning on floor or bed
  • 4 different TPE attachments to ride on
  • Controller with "Twirl" and "Buzz" knobs that actually go up to "11", like Nigel's legendary guitar amp (you'll feel why when you hop on it!)
  • AC/DC converter + universal AC wall adaptor for overseas use
  • 2 riser attachments for increased clitoral contact
  • 2 spring and 2 rod stiffening attachment mounts to make TPE attachments less or more flexible
  • Quick Start Guide + 11 Tips To Get The Most Of Your Motorbunny


Vibration Motors 0.08 HP - 7000 Vibrations Per Minute
Rotation Motor 0.04 HP
Durability 2 people - up to 1000 lbs.
Weight 17.8 lbs
Dimensions 10″ H x 13.24″ W x 12.49″ L
Power Supply A/C Adaptor and Cable Input: 100-240V ~2.2A Output: 36V/3.5A DC Length: 12 feet
Safety Certifications CE and RoHS Safety Certifications


About those 4 TPE attachments that Buzz and Twirl:

  • TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) is a firm, but flexible material used in thousands of different sex toys.  Casual Toys recommends investing in Premium Silicone attachments since TPE, while FDA approved and body-safe, is a porous material and should be cleaned regularly to reduce the chance of bacteria forming.  TPE toys should be replaced every 8-10 months. 
  • Low Attachment creates a vibrating mound you can straddle clothed or naked and still feel a lot of stimulation - a great way to get started
  • The Motorbunny Starter Kit includes four TPE attachments.  Premium Silicone attachments are available and sold separately.

    • Flat, rub-only attachment gets things started without penetrating.

    • Small, 3.7" long x 1.1 " wide.  Penetrates and Twirls.

    • Medium, 4.25" long x 1.3" wide.  Penetrates and Twirls.

    • Large (cap), 5.25" long x 1.7" wide.  Penetrates and Twirls.

  • Use with water based lubricant or gels
  • The Motorbunny Starter Kit includes four TPE attachments.  Premium Silicone attachments are available and sold separately.


Get things started with the Low Attachment, no penetration necessary. You can even hop on the Low Attachment in jeans or lingerie –– it feels heavenly!

The most popular way to ride the Motorbunny is in the cowgirl position. Use the retro-looking dial controls to pick a speed for "Twirl" and/or "Buzz". You may want to try them separately first as you explore this life-changing sex toy. There's always "Safe Driver," with Buzz at 10 and Twirl at 2.

Lean forward for emphasis on the clitoris. Lean back and feel increased G-Spot contact. Some users place the Motorbunny on a sturdy chair so their legs will dangle and greater contact inside is achieved. You can even lie down fully on your back and hold the Motorbunny in place with your heels.

The Motorbunny Original is also great for couples. While she rides it, he can apply oral or do backdoor stuff. Heck, he can ride it too! Don't forget a water-based lubricant!


BLISS Rechargeable 10-Mode Power Bullet - $24.99 value

Slender, simple, and powerful, the Bliss Power Bullet will satisfy you in amazing ways. Clean and soft in touch, this silky bullet is perfect for clitoral stimulation during foreplay and sex. This rechargeable bullet has 10 modes guaranteed to give you mind blowing orgasms. With its deep intense vibrations, you will marvel at its power. Body-safe, waterproof, and Phthalate Free, this bullet will provide you with a pleasurable, safe, and hygienic experience. The BLISS Power Bullet also comes with a luxury storage bag and 100% secret packaging to protect your privacy.

• Rechargeable 10-Mode Power Bullet
• 10 ml Water-Based Lube
• Luxury Storage Bag
• Charging Cable


BLISS Glide - $9.99 value

100% Natural Water Based Lube

• formulated with women in mind
• pure, simple, no preservatives
• odorless, vegan, natural lubrication
• non-toxic, non-staining, non-sticky
• no: silicone, petroleum, paraben, glycerin
• safe with condoms, diaphragms and toys

PREPAID VOD CARD - $14.99 value

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2 DVDs - $39.95 value

The Ultimate Oral Sex Guide For Him & Her - Orgasmic Ecstasy for Lovers

Oral Sex is one of the most intimate types of sex.  The Kama Sutra devotes an entire chapter to diverse methods of this oral pleasure. Performed properly, it can bring the ultimate pleasure to your partner and deepen your relationship.  Discover an erotic combination of techniques for hands and tongue, and lead your partner to experience supreme sexual ecstasy and ultimate orgasm. Learn all you need to know about cunnilingus and fellatio to give your partner the ultimately satisfying experience in oral sex!

Forbidden Sex for Curious Lovers - The Ultimate Sex Experience

Anal sex is the most intimate as well as the most exciting type of sex. It requires trust, responsibility, and respect from both partners. Learn the right way to do it, preparing both partners for an ultimate sexual experience. This program is for beginners and advanced partners, exploring anal stimulation, extending the sphincter, lubricants, steamy techniques and anal sex positions. Includes information on how to avoid discomfort and make anal sex - for women in particular – a safe, relaxed and pleasurable experience.

8.6 oz AQUAglide Lubricant - $17.95 value

AQUAglide is a personal lubricant preferred by millions. Perfect for penile, vaginal and anal usage. Intended to moisturize and lubricate, to enhance the ease and comfort of intimate sexual activity and supplement the body’s natural lubrication (during sexual intercourse). AQUAglide is crystal clear, extra kind to the skin, is condom compatible, and suitable for use with sex toys and silicone products.

J299993  (EAN 4028403299933)


Smooth Satin Eye Mask 

Luxury Storage Bag


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