LELO Sona Cruise - Cerise


The clitorally mind-blowing pleasure product every woman needs - with power saving technology.

Lelo's Sona massager uses sonic waves and pluses, rather than conventional vibrations, to stimulate the whole clitoris, not just the parts you can see, resulting in a breath-taking experience.

Features eight settings to explore via the simple controls, even in the bath, shower or hot tub, thanks to its waterproof construction using a single piece of luxurious silicone. 

Adding to that is Lelo's exclusive Cruise Control, which automatically reserves 20 per cent of the massager's full power during normal use so that when it's pressed hard against you and the motor starts to lose power, that reserve is unleashed and intensity is maintained. 

Super quiet and sized to fit the in the palm of your hand, it's as discreet as they come. What's more, Sona is conveniently USB-rechargeable.

Once playtime is over, simply clean and store in the included satin storage pouch.


* Cruise control automatic power saver

* 8 settings

* Sonic technology

* Seamless silicone

* Waterproof

* Discreet size

* Silent

* USB-rechargeable

* Satin storage pouch included


Length: 3.9" (9.9 cm)

Width: 2.2" (5.6 cm)

Height: 3.5" (8.8 cm) 


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