Laurel & Hardy


The Flying Deuces - 68 minutes - Black & White - 1939 - In The Flying Deuces, one of the best and funniest of all the Laurel and Hardy features, these master comedians blunder their way through one hilarious, hair-raising adventure after another in the Foreign Legion. Joining the Legion to help Ollie recover from being jilted' by the girl of his dreams, they ironically get involved trying to straighten out a tangled love affair between a young officer and his fiance.

Utopia - 98 minutes - Black & White - 1951 - Heading for a newly inherited island, the boys are shipwrecked and marooned on an atoll which has just emerged from the sea. Along with their cook, a stowaway and a girl who is fleeing her fiance, they set up their own government on the atoll. Uranium is discovered and world powers begin fighting over ownership of the island.


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