Hot Octopuss DiGit


Show Bad Sex The Finger!
The powerful finger vibrator that adds stimulating vibration to every touch. Welcome to the real digital revolution... British sex toy company Hot Octopuss unveils digit, its first wearable finger vibe that puts orgasms at your fingertips.

• Undeniably delightful, Digit is the most beautiful and ergonomic sex toy yet.
• This versatile finger vibrator will enhance the way you masturbate and take sex and foreplay to new levels.
• With its large rumbly motor and five power. settings, Digit will turn your fingers into superheroes!

Designed to feel like part of you, Digit curves seamlessly around your fingers to become an extension of your body.
• Elegantly sculpted, Digit’s sweeping curves adorn your fingers like a custom piece of jewellery.
• This little powerhouse is a great style for those with disabilities that affect the ability to grasp comfortably
• Subtle, unobtrusive yet incredibly powerful, Digit is set to supercharge your solo or partnered sessions and fit in with people’s lifestyles, not just their bedrooms!

• DiGiT
• Travel Pouch
• Instruction Sheet
• Warranty Sheet
• Charging Cable


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