Hidden Messages in Water


Controversial in its ideas, The Hidden Messages In Water explores the notion that human interaction can have an effect on the molecular structure of water, that water's susceptibility to human words, emotions and thoughts can actually change once exposed to either positive or negative words, emotions or music and can produce very different results that will amaze you! What the experiments found was that when water was exposed to positive influences, beautiful, perfectly formed crystals were visible in the frozen water. But, water exposed to negativity when frozen, produced ugly, malformed crystals. Hidden Messages in Water is filled with amazing photographs that fully illustrate the differences. Why would we have a book on the study of water? When you consider that our bodies are composed of more than 70% water, this book cuts to the very core of forming and nourishing positive relationships between couples simply based on how couples choose to interact and communicate with each other and how the words we choose can truly affect the people around us. Hidden Messages in Water would make an interesting addition to any relationship enrichment collection!


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