Fun Factory Stronic Petite - Pastel Lilac


Fun Factory's smallest and lightest pulsator yet, Stronic Petite can even thrust all by itself. Plus, the tapered tip is quick and easy to insert. Which also makes it great for anyone new to sex toys or pulsators, and people in any stage of menopause.

Depending on your mood, you can use this super-quiet little thrusting vibrator for anything from gentle penetration to a wild session of thrusting FUN. And look, no hands! But where to put them? We have no doubt you know a spot that feels really good. Combine the handsfree thrusting of Stronic Petite with stimulation of the outer clitoris, either with your hands or using a toy, and youll enjoy deeper, more intense orgasms.

Choose from 5 speeds and 3 rhythms to gently stimulate the outside of the clitoris, feel the pulsation at the opening of the vulva as you glide the tip along your labia. Your Stronic Petite is water-resistant, by the way say hello to steamier baths and showers!


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