Fun Factory Be One


Rediscover Touch!

Let the Be·One rest between your fingers and deliver effortless vibration with every touch!
• With 2 strong motors that bounce vibration off each other, this couples toy heightens every caress.
• Choose from 4 speeds and one "randomized" setting that loops every five minutes.
• Pro tip: try slipping the Be·One between your labia!

Use the Be·One to explore, play, tease, and more!
• The Be·One is shaped to fit perfectly between your fingers, so that once it’s in place, you really don’t have to think about it anymore.
• Except to enjoy what you can do with it.
• Once you’ve scrolled through all 4 speeds, you hit the “flirt” setting—and the FUN really begins.
• Unlike a traditional pattern, this setting changes in subtle but unpredictable ways, sometimes rumbling more heavily, sometimes easing off a little, and always leaving you wanting more.
• To keep things interesting, this setting doesn’t loop until after 5 minutes of teasing.

Included In The Box:
Be·One Couples Vibrator
Clean & Carry Case
• This compact, easy-to-open shell makes it easy to take your Be·One anywhere and store it away from the reach of dust.
Magnetic Charger
• The CLICK ‘N’ CHARGE system or the Be·One specific charger.
Free Game
Want some inspiration?
• Try our Flirt or Dare game to get date night started.  


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