Erotic Nights

Lover's Massage
Giving and Receiving Pleasure
Learn the secrets of sensual loving touch that will leave you and your partner invigorated. Follow our couple as they discover new ways to touch and give each other pleasure. Learn with them about creating the perfect setting, using massage oils, arousing all five senses, and relaxing the entire body to find new erogenous zones.

*Creating the perfect setting
*Satisfying all five senses
*Using massage oils
*Relaxing the entire body
*Intimacy and touch

Sexual Fitness
An Erotic Workout For Lovers
See how to exercise the right muscles to develop flexibility and endurance for enhanced intimacy and sexual pleasure. Learn which muscle groups to strengthen for specific sexual positions. Join three attractive couples as they demonstrate how you and your partner can exercise together in this easy to follow erotic workout. Experience erotic exercises in various parts of the home, including beautifully shot underwater exercises in the pool.

*Warming up
*Fun exercises all over the house
*Erotic exercises for the pool
*Sexy exercises in the bedroom
*Fitness and sexual positions

Ultimate Sexual Massage
The Art of Sexual Touch
This program begins where other massage programs leave off. Follow Tina and Al as they learn from a more experienced couple how to attain new heights of sensual and sexual pleasure. Master erotic massage techniques that will improve intimacy in your relationship. Locate and stimulate the G-spot, and completely awaken all the senses. This program is the best step-by-step guide to women’s and men’s full body and genital massage.

*Find new erogenous zones
*Locate and stimulate the G-spot
*Unique intervaginal video
*Massage as lovemaking
*Explicit genital massage


240 minutes, Explicit
Languages English, Spanish, French, and German audio & menus


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