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Includes 3 DVDs:
4-Hand Massage
A Sensual Session for Three 
Imagine four loving hands surrounding every inch of your body with sensual massage. Explore the art of touch with this unique session for three. Discover a high level of body-to-body contact that invites total relaxation and opens the door to richer more fulfilling sex. As an erotic exchange between lovers, this massage is a unique experience for those who consider sensuality and sexual energies to be healing, healthy and wonderful to share. 

**Working the front of the body 
**Working the back of the body 
**Full body stretches 
**Dynamic pleasures of tension and release 
**Thai massage for three 
**Sexual threesome

Anal Sex Play for Lovers
Advanced Techniques for Intimate Explorations
Move beyond your fantasies with this steamy 2-DVD set to explore the most provocative of sex acts. Imagine a level of delight, beyond your standard bedroom fare, that can heighten love and increase pleasure with your partner. Couples who engage in anal eroticism will advance their sexual skills and discover another enticing alternative to sexual intercourse. 

*Explore anal masturbation for her and him 
*Learn the ecstasy of oral-anal pleasure
*Discover the keys to preparation for anal play 
*Engage in the ultimate - anal penetration
*Go beyond with double and mutual anal play

101 Masturbation Secrets for Lovers
Great Techniques for Sharing Pleasure
The most popular and frequently engaged in sexual activity around the world, masturbation is a healthy and important part of a person’s sexual expression. Masturbation is a great way to get to know your body and educate yourself about your personal sexual likes and dislikes. Learn how to increase your orgasmic potential and sexual pleasure. It can also be a rewarding and fun way to experience sexual intimacy with a partner. 

*Exploring female masturbation 
*G-Spot and clitoral techniques 
*Tips for ecstatic male masturbation 
*Enhancing and delaying ejaculation 
*Mutual masturbation 
*Toys and lube for increased pleasure

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Running Time 330 minutes


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