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Includes 3 DVDs:
The G-Spot & Female Ejaculation
An Erotic Guide for Lovers
Female ejaculation is every woman's birthright, and the G-spot produces an exquisite orgasm that is different from the clitoral orgasm. Female ejaculation expert and author Deborah Sundahl tells all there is to know about female ejaculation and the G-spot in this explicit guide that is sure to get that feminine fountain flowing again! Learn what female ejaculate is, how to locate and stimulate the G-spot, how to create female ejaculate, what sex toys are useful and how to use them, and discover the best sexual positions to create female ejaculate. Six real life couples discuss their experience with female ejaculation, and explicitly demonstrate just how easy it is to learn. This is the ultimate and most practical guide on this fascinating topic.

*Location of the G-Spot
*Stimulate the G-Spot
*Stimulate the G-Spot with a Partner
*Stimulate the G-Spot with a Toy
*Sexual Positions for G-Spot Stimulation
*Multiple G-Spot Orgasms

New Erotic Seduction
Creative Sex Secrets for Lovers 
In this new program, discover more proven seduction techniques that put you on a path to incredible sex with your loved one. Master the art of keeping your partner interested and aroused. Six sexually explicit scenes with real life couples demonstrate how to tempt and tease and make sex fun. Hone your seduction skills and create an exciting relationship. Learn how to use words and actions to tap into emotions and feelings that stir up passion. Keep your romance arsenal loaded and your sex life hot!

*Keeping the “play” in sexplay
*The excitement of anticipation
*Outdoor public sex
*Joining a masseuse for your man
*Adding the twist of roleplay
*Voyeurism and fantasies

Orgasmic Women
Sexual Satisfaction for Couples 
Demystify female masturbation with a group of thirteen women who tell their most intimate secrets. Learn how to touch and bring a woman to new heights of sexual ecstasy. Explore intimacy through this spirited sharing of erotic practices and techniques. Join artist, author, sexologist, and masturbation revolutionary Betty Dodson in promoting women’s sexual pleasure. Discover basic and advanced masturbation skills that will improve the orgasmic experience for you and your lover.

*Learn advanced masturbation skills 
*Improve your experience of orgasm 
*Watch women’s personal techniques 
*Share in their erotic practices 
*Bring your woman to explosive climax 

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Running Time 225 minutes


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