Cute Little Fuckers Jix - Periwinkle


Name: Jix (& their partner Jin!)

Pronouns: She/Her or They/Them (and She/Her for Jin!)

Loves: Diving, Playing, and well, Sex!

Jix comes from a planet of love and laughter, and they want to share that love! Jix is slender, making them as gentle on the body as they are pleasurable. No need to be intimidated, Jix is thin enough to be a great beginner anal toy, tapered to work with the natural body curves, not against it. They love working with their partner to unlock multiple sensations at once; pleasure internally and externally at the same time, penetrate two openings simultaneously or easily have a partner hold the other end as an ergonomic handle. Jix is a loving and hard-working friend.


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