Bijoux Indiscrets Maze Hand Bracelet Harness


The Maze Collection is about strong women, responsible materials and finding a different path to sensuality and love. These vegan leather body adornments can be worn over or under clothes and are perfect for the woman who feels that standard jewelry doesn't adequately express their style. Made of vegan leather and fully adjustable with included extender straps, the Maze Collection can enhance and adapt any outfit into an alluring, sensual appearance. Cuffs and chokers can also double as soft bondage accessories for a sultry evening, with or without clothes.

Designer and co-founder of the brand, Elsa Viegas dedicates this line of accessories to self-confident women. Its exclusive design seeks to make eroticism part of the day-to-day and, as she so aptly states, "Sensuality is an attitude."

The Hand Bracelet fits around the index finger with the other end attached to the wrist. This accessory is ideal for adding a bold touch to outfits. Harness measures around the wrists 7.87" maximum and 6.3" minimum. No extenders included.


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