Biird Evii - Mint Green

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Tap into your hidden desires with our Forbidden Fruit - Evii. Combining a squishy silicone body and two powerful motors, Evii delivers smooth vibrations and instant orgasms.

Ergonomically shaped to enfold your clitoris with its creased tip, Evii directs vibrations exactly where you want them. Use the gentle ribs to explore your erogenous zones or even hand it to your partner for some tantalizing (fore)play sensations.

Evii comes with a charging base designed like a jewelry tray. Dont hide the source of your desires away, flaunt it proudly on your nightstand! After all, the whole point of reclaiming the forbidden fruit is that you dont have to hide it anymore.

Experience never felt before vibration blends thanks to Eviis brand new FlowSense Technology. From feather soft to deep and rumbly, Eviis dual motors can be finetuned to your exact liking all while staying whisper quiet.


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