101 Advanced Sexual Positions for Lovers - Vol. 2

In Part 2, explore over 100 MORE positions that will bring renewed excitement to your sex life. Learn a variety of sexual positions used during oral sex, bondage, sex toy play, and intercourse. Attractive, real life couples reach incredible orgasms by experimenting with the Sex Lounger, the incredible Bonk’er Extreme systems, the Sportsheet, the Liberator shapes, the Love Swing, and the Tantra Chair. Whether a seasoned Casanova or a beginning lover in training, this fantastic assortment of positions and ideas will supercharge your bedroom adventures!

*New bedroom gear for advanced positions
*Suspended sex on the Bonker Extreme
*Sex toys and advanced positions
*Advanced oral sex positions
*Bondage for advanced positions


120 minutes, Explicit
Host Freddy & Eddy and Dr. Patti Britton
Languages English, Spanish, French, and German audio & menus
SKU D619
UPC 677070619069


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