Mutual Masturbation

The most popular and frequently engaged in sexual activity around the world is masturbation, and it is a healthy and important part of a person’s sexual expression. Masturbation is a great way to get to know your body and educate yourself about your personal sexual likes and dislikes.

In a program called 101 Masturbation Secrets for Lovers, Dr. Lori Buckley teaches how masturbation can increase both your orgasmic potential and your sexual pleasure. Dr. Buckley is a licensed clinical psychologist and AASECT certified sex therapist. Her nurturing, open and direct style help create a warm, safe environment to discuss concerns which people often find difficult to talk about. She says masturbation is not just a solo activity – it can also be a rewarding and fun way to experience sexual intimacy with a partner. 


Commonly known as pleasuring yourself or "playing with yourself," masturbation is simply stimulating yourself to orgasm. This is one of the most common forms of sexual activity in both males and females. It is generally considered safe and harmless, even though there have been historical taboos against it in certain cultures.

Masturbation can be such a pleasurable experience that people even do it when they are in a sexual relationship with another person. This is not unusual and is not damaging to the relationship when there is effective communication between partners. In fact, many couples enjoy some form of mutual masturbation. This is something all couples should try if they want to better understand how to increase each other’s pleasure.

Masturbation can enhance and delay ejaculation. It can help a woman better understand the G-Spot and clitoral techniques that best arouse her, and she can relay this information to her partner.  Likewise, a man can show or tell a woman what feels best to him. 

Masturbation can also include the use of sex toys. Experimenting with masturbation using toys and lube in an uninhibited manner often brings a couple closer together by increasing their intimacy.

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