Creating a Sensual Environment


Embracing your sexuality and creating a sensual aura involves more than simply preparing yourself as a person, or preparing a wonderful meal. Most people already know about that kind of sensual ritual. But the Kama Sutra teaches you to also prepare your environment, like setting up your bedroom properly. It’s not hard to bring the enveloping sexuality of the Kama Sutra into your every day love life.

You can easily start with something as simple as burning incense or lighting candles. Maybe even bring in a special ceremonial candle that symbolizes sharing the sacredness of exploring the Kama Sutra together.

You can also scatter sensual objects around. Any soft, smooth, or fuzzy fabric that opens up your sense of touch is sensual. Or add a small statue of the Indian god Genesha, who looks like an elephant. In ancient teachings, the elephant was one of the revered and sacred animals. Ganesha, the elephant, is prayed to or worshiped for being the remover of obstacles.

Imagine you’ve been arguing with your lover during the day, and when night rolls around you feel amorous. By addressing the statue with a statement like, “Ganesha, please get the anger out of the way,” it puts you on that path. If you’re tired you can ask it, “Please remove my fatigue.” You’d be surprised how quickly this can move you past obstacles and open you to love.

You can evoke your sense of sight by surrounding yourself with pretty things, like a beautifully painted fan or simply a pretty tablecloth. Anything that opens up any of your senses sends the message that you have spent time and intention in preparing your environment.

Dr. Patti Britton, a Certified Sexuality Educator, Clinical Sexologist and Sex Coach, teaches that you can also use pieces of nature, like small shells, smooth pebbles, flowers, driftwood...anything that evokes nature will set a wonderful atmosphere.

Once you’ve prepared your sensual place, tell your lover you honor them as your friend and as your soul mate. Tell him he means everything to you, and let him receive that. Tell her she makes you feel good, and let her receive that. Let your environment work for you. Let it both calm you and arouse you.

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