Benefits of Sexual Fantasies

Sexual fantasy is a type of dream or imagining that arouses you to sexual desire or activity. It can involve real or imaginary people, and real or imaginary situations. It can also include past experiences.

Sexual fantasies can play a big part in keeping your relationship passionate, and keeping the passion in your relationship keeps it happy.

Fantasy is a great tool to help you become aroused, and spice up your sex life. You can use fantasy to come up with situations for you and your partner to role-play. Try something as simple as browsing a lingerie catalog for fantasy costumes that you or your partner can wear to stimulate each other.

In the program Sexual Fantasies for Lovers, Dr. Lori Buckley advises that fantasies are good for you! They strengthen your relationship by casting you and your partner in the leading roles of a sexual escapade. The steamy images and stories you create can make you feel less inhibited and more inspired to be sexually open and expressive with your partner.

The French Maid fantasy is one almost everyone is familiar with, and can be a lot of fun. Rent a hotel room, put on your costume, and “arrive” to take care of the room… and the man. Then flip it, and let your man show up as the sexy bellhop who has come to help you with your luggage… or anything else that needs packing.

Other common fantasies include dominating someone or being dominated, watching someone undress without them knowing or other forms of voyeurism, threesomes, cross-dressing, sex in public or in an unusual locations, sex with a stranger or professor, cosplay… the list is endless. All are easy to “play” with and create your own fantasy that ends however you want it to end.

The point is to find a scenario that you and your partner are both comfortable with and go for it. If you feel inhibited, try an easy one to start… something as simple as a wig can stand in for pretending you’re having sex with someone new. Your imagination will take you all sorts of places from there.

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