Are there really foods that can increase your sex drive or performance?  For many people the answer is yes. An aphrodisiac, or love drug, is any food, drink, drug, scent, natural nutritional supplement or device that arouses of increases your sexual desire.

You can hook up the art and science of food with the heat and passion of tasty sex by experimenting with meals that not only taste delicious but also up the ante in the bedroom.

Dr. Linda De Villers, PhD, is the author of Sexy Recipes for Lovers, host of the program Sexy Recipes for Lovers, and a firm believer of the power of aphrodisiacs, defined as substances that mimic or stimulate the physiological effects of sexual response. For example, chilies, curries, and other spicy foods have been viewed as aphrodisiacs because of their ability to elevate heart rates and induce sweating (similar physical reactions to those experienced during sex).

Many ancient people believed in the so-called "law of similarity," reasoning that if an object resembled human genitalia, it may therefore have sexual powers. Ginseng (which means "man root") has been used for centuries as an invigorating and rejuvenating agent in China, Tibet, Korea, Indochina, and India.

But not only exotic roots produce increased sex drive. Chocolate is considered the universal treat of sweethearts, maybe because of its effect on the libido. Every day foods from avocado to coconut to artichoke to lobster can be used in scrumptious recipes that are not only a treat to the palate, but when made with intention and specific ingredients will lead to a hot dessert best enjoyed in the bedroom.

Not just taste, but the appearance, texture, manner of preparing and eating contribute to someone becoming aroused by a sexy food. Do some research and you’ll find that there are numerous items you eat every day that when combined in the right way pack an additional punch. Breakfast, lunch, dinner or midnight snack, its easier than ever to recapture intimacy by teaming up in the kitchen and making meals bursting with aphrodisiac treats that increase your libido.

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