No, it’s not a myth. The G spot is real (as many women can attest) and though its function isn’t clear, one thing is: the pleasure potential. For those of you unfamiliar with this area and those who are acquainted but would like a refresher, I’ve put together some basic info to help you--as Stephen Colbert would phrase it--better know a G Spot orgasm

G spot orgasm tips

What is the G Spot? 

The G Spot is identified as a lump of tissue that can be felt on the interior vaginal wall. The best way to find it is to have your partner place two fingers inside the vagina and slightly bend them upward. He or she should be able to feel a slightly swollen area. This is the G spot and is often called the female prostate. 

The G Spot Orgasm 

The experience of having a g spot orgasm varies widely from woman to woman. Some report it as a very intense orgasm while others say it’s less intense but lasts much longer--for some, up to 20 minutes! Still others experience female ejaculation from g spot stimulation, resulting in the expulsion of fluid from the urethra (that is not urine). The female body is quite the mystery, is it not? 

Stimulation Tips 

The g spot isn’t always in the exact same place on every woman. However, a good place to start experimenting is to press on the anterior vaginal wall. The way I always hear it described is to make a “come hither” motion with your two fingers. To enhance the sensation you can: 

  • Place the palm of your other hand directly above the public bone and apply slight pressure. 
  • Press up and down in a vigorous fashion to increase the intensity. 
  • Use a g spot toy to provide more even stimulation to the area (be sure to use plenty of lube!) 
  • Choose sex positions that stimulate the area. Doggy style and reverse cowgirl are two favorites.
Image Source: Matt Davis

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