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Includes 3 DVDs:
Sexual Satisfaction
Advanced Techniques for Keeping Sex Great!
Attractive real life couples show how they keep improving their sex lives. Watch practical techniques for creating the right moment. Learn about effective verbal and sexual communication, experimenting with masturbation secrets, and the importance of variety. Explore new sexual positions and locations, the quickie, and why sexual fantasies and role-playing can do wonders for you.

*Communication & mutual masturbation
*Variety - new positions, new locations
*The delight of voyeurism
*The virtues of a quickie
*Sexual fantasies and role-playing

Sexual Healing
29 Sexual Positions for Better Health
Combining ancient Oriental healing practices with a new-age, holistic approach to self-help, SEXUAL HEALING explores a variety of sexual techniques and positions known to be helpful in confronting many common ailments. From backaches to weak bladders, chronic fatigue to menopause, SEXUAL HEALING takes a loving, enlightened approach to helping you with what ails you. Watch as our attractive couples demonstrate how sex can be both stimulating and therapeutic. Discover a world of ancient health secrets. 

Erotic Strip Dance
Capture His Passion!
Discover the art of seductive dance that works for every woman. Learn to strip your way to a better body image, improve your sexual self-confidence and feel like a sensual woman anytime you want. The easy-to-follow slow sensual dance moves, holistic body approach, and seduction secrets turn any woman into an erotic sensual goddess. Find out how to walk tall, proud and with confidence in your personal and business life. Follow Staci as she learns step-by-step how to get and control her husband’s full attention… and a lot more.

*Plan an erotic evening at home
*Lower and upper body moves
*Become an exotic seductress
*Strip and drive your man crazy
*An amazing climax in the bedroom

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Running Time 260 minutes


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