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Includes 3 DVDs:
The Art of Erotic Spanking & Bondage
A Lover’s Guide to BDSM 
Discover the pleasures of dominance and submission. Join us for an erotic visit at Widow Centauri’s dungeon. Unleashing your inner master or slave can be a liberating experience that will take your sexual pleasure to new heights of ecstasy. Watch attractive real couples explicitly explore themes ranging from spanking to S&M to rope tying basics and beyond. Indulge your fantasies and experience new levels of arousal with this erotic sexplay.

*Communication and safe words
*Being restrained for sexual arousal
*Tickling, flogging, denial of pleasure
*Erotic pain and BDSM tools
*Costumes and role-playing
*Rope tying for stimulation

Advanced Toys for Great Sex
An Explicit Guide for Lovers 
With the ever advancing legitimization of the sex industry, never before have so many options for pleasure been available for both men and women. Watch attractive real life couples explicitly discover the world of vibrators, dildos, male enhancements, lubes and a lot more. Learn how to incorporate new experiences for you and your partner into your lovemaking. Explore new gateways to sexual ecstasy through the ins, outs, and in-betweens of today’s hottest products. 

*Wide selection of vibrators
*Different types of dildos
*Anal toys for him and her
*Reaching orgasm with toys
*The enhancement of lubrication
*Sexual furniture and devices

The Art of Advanced Oral Sex
Giving Mind-Blowing Pleasure to Him & Her! 
Oral sex is not just a prelude to intercourse, but an act of deep intimacy that adds new sensations to your lovemaking. Share new heights of sexual passion and learn how to give and receive, bringing your partner to ecstatic climax every time. Two DVD set instructs in seductive techniques for giving both fellatio & cunnilingus. From personal grooming to a variety of positions and styles, attractive real life couples explicitly explore innovative ways to help you become the best oral lover.

*Grooming & sexual anatomy 101
*Fellatio – The art of pleasuring him
*Cunnilingus – The art of pleasuring her
*Using toys during oral sex
*Sensual massage as foreplay
*69 – The art of pleasuring each other

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Running Time 345 minutes

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