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Includes 3 DVDs:
Erotic Strip Dance
Capture His Passion!
Discover the art of seductive dance that works for every woman. Learn to strip your way to a better body image, improve your sexual self-confidence and feel like a sensual woman anytime you want. The easy-to-follow slow sensual dance moves, holistic body approach, and seduction secrets turn any woman into an erotic sensual goddess. Find out how to walk tall, proud and with confidence in your personal and business life. Follow Staci as she learns step-by-step how to get and control her husband’s full attention… and a lot more.

*Plan an erotic evening at home
*Lower and upper body moves
*Become an exotic seductress
*Strip and drive your man crazy
*An amazing climax in the bedroom

Erotic Pole Dancing
Sexy moves you can learn at home! 
Get a great workout while performing this seductive new style of dance. Watch real couples experiment with this arousing form of foreplay that leads to incredible sex! Experience increased confidence in your body image and appreciate your feminine curves as you use your body to the max. Convert any room of your house into your personal pole dance parlor with moves that will turn your man on and spice up your relationship! 

*Sexy positions
*Seductive tricks 
*Transition variations
*Sizzling choreography routine
*Freestyle performance by a pro
*Bedroom climax

Erotic Yoga for Couples
Intimate Routines for Great Sex 
Yoga is a spiritual system with a physical component, explored fully in these intimate routines for couples. Making the body flexible and strong while drawing clarity and peace into the mind and emotions, lovers will find their relationships resonating with a deeper harmony. A regular practice of couples yoga can improve your quality of life by bringing renewed health to your body, deeper intimacy to your relationship, and more pleasure to your bed. Explore these creative and sensual practices that add both tenderness and power to your lovemaking.

*The Benefits of Deep Breathing
*Exploring the Chakras
*Solo Positions
*Partner Positions
*Written and Verbal Instruction Options
*Romantic Partner Poses

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Running Time 260 minutes


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