Magic Jenny Massager - FREE SHIPPING

Jenny is a 2-motor, super-soft and quiet massager made of irresistible soft silicone. It’s flexible, durable and ready to caress your body in exactly the way you like. With 36 modes, it has a speed and intensity to fit every imaginable mood. Take things slow or it up to maximum power for an incredibly satisfying massage. Features dual motors, it's soft and flexible, light weight to avoid fatigue and can be adjusted to 36 modes to keep every part of you satisfied. BLISS Glide, Elegant Storage Bag, and Satin Eye Mask are included. Body Safe Medical Grade Silicone, Phthalate Free & Waterproof. Long lasting rechargeable battery. USB charging cable included. Size 7.5” X 1.5”. Full One-Year Warranty.


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