Sexy Neighbors 2 DVD Set - Volume 5

Consists of 1 DVDs from the Voyeur Series and a Movie.
Voyeur Volume 9 - Sexual Benefits
Sex, Love and Everything Else

In Sexual Benefits, Seth helps his girlfriend Lynn’s best friend Susan move, and ends up doing a lot more than moving with her. In Getting into the Act, an acting student, frustrated by a particular scene, looks to his beautiful teacher for guidance. She gives him a private lesson in “sense memory” he’ll never forget! InWoman’s Prerogative, a young man tries to arrange a date between his ex-girlfriend and a lady killer who he hopes will break his ex’s heart the way she broke his. InTall Tales, two strangers locked in a storage room swap made-up stories about their unusual sexual experiences. Then they decide to create a real experience of their own. In Peeping Eyes, two women use a photo shoot to experience each other close up. In Roommate Wanted, a woman looking for a roommate finds she’s more interested in the new roommate’s boyfriend. In Night and Day, a woman has a sexual relationship with her boyfriend’s best friend.

Sex, Love & Everything Else
When two people fall in love, it's supposed to be easy, passionate, and fun. But when jealousy, business, and sexual dysfunction get in the way, love can take a disastrous turn. A romantic voyage to the beautiful Pacific Northwest becomes terrifying as Marie's dangerous past drives her lover away. But it's Sam's backward priorities and sexual problems that keep them apart. What happens when you want someone so badly you’re willing to do almost anything to get them back? You try anything and you try everything. Sam’s awakening comes at the hands of a sex surrogate, a professional paid to teach him how to conquer his social and sexual shortcomings. And only by making love to her can he learn how to win back the woman he wants. Sam becomes a student of a unique kind of physical education, drawn into a world of erotic instruction. The results are so eye-opening that Sam suggests therapy might also save the relationship of his friend Trevor, who is in conflict with his stunning wife, Susan. But the big question for Sam remains:  when the lesson is over will Marie still be waiting? It's not just a film about relationships; it's sex love and everything else.

180 minutes, Explicit
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