Sexy Neighbors 2 DVD Set - Volume 2

Consists of 2 DVDs from the Voyeur Series.
Voyeur Volume 1 - A Little Kink
Voyeur Volume 2 - First Time

In Seduction, a beautiful woman is consoled and then seduced by her handsome best friend after breaking up with her cheating, artist boyfriend. In A Little Kink, Ben likes to videotape his roommate's sister Suzanne.  When she catches him, she arranges to make a new video of the two of them.  In Time Share, a rented time share cottage becomes the playground for a sexual wager between strangers vying for their claim to the room. In Taboo, Tom and Paula have a rough patch in their relationship.  When Tom turns to Paula's sister, Joanne, he gets more than a shoulder to cry on.  Now he's torn between two sisters. In Neglected Wife, the busy schedules of Jack and Laura have put them and their marriage out of sync.  They need to get their "Act" together.  In Legal Briefs, the fantasies of attorneys become reality with their clients.

In Teacher and Student, a spoiled college coed uses guile and sexuality on a reluctant professor to avoid a failing grade.  She gains a more mature understanding of herself resulting in a more fulfilling sexual experience. In Strip Truth, a couple plays the most sensuous and revealing game of their lives. In First Time, Cheryl and Alicia are sorority sisters reuniting after graduation.  When Alicia reveals her new lifestyle, it unlocks passions in Cheryl she never felt before. In Branching Out, Dick and Carol discover that best friends Ted and Jane have become swingers. In The Young Girl, unhappy in the relationship with her boyfriend, Wendy begins an affair with an older man. Feeling guilty for two-timing, Wendy is forced to choose between them. In Carrie's Coming Out, a young woman suspects she may be a lesbian - and has to find out for sure.

180 minutes, Explicit
SKU D8212
UPC 677070821264


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