Sex Secrets of Modern Geisha

In traditional Japan, pleasures of the body were a natural way of life, and a Geisha was the high priestess of these pleasures. For the modern Geisha, sexual curiosity, a positive attitude and an open mind lead to new heights of sexual enjoyment and fulfillment for her and her partner. Discover how to be feminine and sexy by developing self-confidence and comfort with your real self. Boost your man’s ego and sense of masculinity for exciting and passionate encounters. Learn how to tease, caress and savor every part of your body and his! 

**Erotic massages 
**Masturbation techniques 
**G-Spot and clitoral orgasms 
**Dirty talk and erotic bondage 
**Oral sex secrets for him and her 
**Geisha sexual positions

75 minutes, Explicit

Host Dr. Lori Buckley
Languages English, Spanish, French, and German audio & menus
SKU D648
UPC 677070648069


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