Bob Hope

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Road to Bali - 91 minutes - Color - 1952 \nIn this sixth of seven ÒRoad toÓ movies, Bob Hope, Bing Crosby and Dorothy Lamour team up in their only color film in the series. Hope and Crosby star as two out-of-work vaudeville performers who are on the lam. The two are hired by a South Seas prince as deep-sea divers in order to recover a buried treasure. They meet beautiful Princess Lala (Lamour) and vie for her affections. Of course, the boys run into the usual perils such as cannibals, a giant squid and numerous cameos from some of Hollywood's biggest stars like Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Jane Russell and Humphrey Bogart.

\nMy Favorite Brunette - 87 minutes - Black & White - 1947 \nComedy legend Bob Hope plays a baby photographer who gets mixed up with gangsters in this bubbly slapstick comedy-noir. Ronnie Jackson (Hope) wants nothing more than to step into the gumshoes of office mate Sam McCloud, a private investigator who runs his own detective agency. Jackson gets his big break when a mysterious femme fatale (Dorothy Lamour) strolls into McCloudÕs office and asks him to find her kidnapped uncle. Jackson plays along with the detective role but is soon in way over his head as he becomes embroiled in a dangerous plot involving professional killers. This spoof also features horror legends Peter Lorre and Lon Chaney Jr. as two of Hope's villainous foils.


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