The morning went on. The day got warmer. I watched Rick get sweaty, and I got hotter. He was so sexy, it was almost criminal. While he worked, I rubbed my mound. He mowed the lawn, and then he trimmed the bushes. I had a bush I’d have loved for him to trim. Not that my neat little thatch needed trimming, but my cunt could sure use some plowing. I was so horny!

By the time he was raking up the leaves, I had my knees bent and two fingers in my snatch. I was pumping away at my hot pussy, and I didn’t care if he saw. At one point he was stretching while rubbing his hand across his six-pack. Watching, I frantically rubbed my clit as his fingers dipped down toward his joystick. I felt like a dirty perv, but the site was so sexy that I came right there in the backyard. While watching the yard boy and fingering myself. It was so wrong, but my orgasm was cataclysmic, like the Big Bang.

“That’s it, Mrs. Carlisle,” he called, coming over to me while I was still riding the rapturous rollercoaster.

I was flushed like a popped cherry when I looked up at his perfect body and beautiful face, and I had a finger still in my throbbing pussy, but what could the poor lady do?

“You did a great job, Rick,” I breathed. I was panting, and he was the one who had been working. “Let me get you something.” Or you can get me something. Some dick, I thought to myself.

“Mr. Carlisle already paid me,” he said.

I shook my head. He didn’t pay you for what you did for me, I wanted to say.

“No, he doesn’t pay you enough for all you do,” I said, getting up.

Rick looked sheepish. He knew Victor was a cheapskate, but he didn’t want to say it.

“I insist,” I said. “Let me grab my purse. It’s inside. Come on.”

I got up and sashayed toward the house.

He followed behind me, and all I could think was how my thighs were slick with cum and how he was watching my ass. Did he see a big wet spot on my ass? God, I hoped not. Then again, maybe it would give him ideas and he’d take the chance to fuck me right now.

There was something wrong with me. I was terminally horny, and the only cure was to be pounded by an eighteen-year-old dick.

I hesitated at the glass doors, looking at his reflection over my shoulder. His eyes were down. Assward. So he was looking, which was encouraging, but he didn’t take me. I slid open the door and stepped back into him ‘accidentally’. Right!

“Sorry,” I said, reaching out to catch myself by grabbing his ass.

His big strong hands caught my hips as my butt bumped against his crotch. His body was hard. He smelled like sweat and grass. Did I feel something hard in his shorts? For what seemed like an eternity, I didn’t move.

Fuck me! Fuck me! I was thinking, but he just held on. Maybe he did think of me as his mom.

“Come on,” I finally breathed, and I went in the house.

Inside, it was even cooler than outside, and my nipples were suddenly rockets. They were so hard, they hurt. They needed squeezing, or biting. I pointed them at Rick. He stared.

“Are you coming to the BBQ for Easter?” I asked.

Victor was a big one for cooking with fire outside, and he liked an audience. For the Easter weekend he invited the whole street.

“I wouldn’t miss it,” Rick said, his eyes locked on my perky tits.

When I met Victor, he loved my tits. They’re 34 C, round, with pouty, perky nipples. They’re nice, but I always liked my ass.

I found my purse and gave Rick a twenty.

“Thanks, Anna,” he said, taking the bill.

“Anytime,” I said. But what I wanted to say was: I can give you so much more!

After he left, I scooted my ass up on the kitchen island and gave my lady the attention she deserved. I used the handle of a whisk instead of the dick I wanted. The granite was cold under my ass as I pounded my little pussy, fantasizing about hard-body Rick.