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D710 - Kama Sutra Sex Secrets for Lovers
Explore the ancient art of love and bring a higher degree of sexual intimacy into your relationship. This program will transport you into the secretive and exotic world of Kama Sutra eroticism and sexual prowess. Diverse techniques and sex positions, and wisdom about the theme of partnership, will all enrich your love life. Let the Kama Sutra enchant your senses and guide you to become a better lover and experience incredible sex!

D711 - Kama Sutra Techniques for Anal Pleasure
Explore this exotic style of lovemaking for a supremely satisfying sexual experience. This program transports you and your partner into the secretive world of eroticism where dreams become reality. Learn diverse sexual techniques and positions, and the wisdom of true partnership. The Kama Sutra will enchant your senses and take you and your partner to new heights of sexuality. Enrich your love life and your relationship with mysteries that turned lovemaking into an art.

D712 - Erotic Tantra for Lovers
Tantra is the ancient Indian teaching of sexual and cosmic unification between man and woman, called Shiva and Shakti. An important element has always been massage. Lovers spoil each other with sumptuous oils before uniting in the act of love. This program shows you a complete tantric ritual using old traditions, starting with a bathing ritual and full body massage. The Yoni Massage, or intimate massage for women, is included. With Tantric Maithuna, or sexual union, you will experience a new dimension of sexuality, and infuse your partner with wellbeing, sensuality and overwhelming lust!

D713 - Erotic Love Secrets
These exotic Eastern sexual techniques are guaranteed to spice up your relationship! Watch a soapy, sexy rubdown from head to toe that will bring bliss to your shower or bathtub. Spoil your partner with the excitement of a sensual body-to-body massage. Master the infamous Happy Ending with oral sex, genital massage, manual stimulation, and steamy lovemaking. These erotic techniques will heat up your love life and take your pleasure to new heights.

D714 - Erotic Prostate Massage
The prostate influences healing of the body, soul and spirit, and also plays a major part in a man’s sexuality. Massaging the prostate gland – sometimes called the Male G-Spot - can be a completely new sexual experience and sometimes leads to multiple orgasms. Tantric Massage, Genital Massage and Anal Prostate Massage form a harmonious unity in this program based on the deepest respect for all parts of a man.  These massages have a healing effect that has been acknowledged worldwide and is increasingly recommended by doctors.

D715 - The Art of Exotic Lovemaking
The African Kunyaza technique facilitates female orgasm during intercourse. This intense sexual stimulation also triggers a large amount of vaginal lubrication during lovemaking for more desire and excitement. Many couples find this technique heightens their sexual experience by helping them achieve hours of increased pleasure.  Kunyaza aims to satisfy the desires of both partners to the optimum degree for a better relationship and hotter sex.

D716 - The Ultimate Oral Sex Guide For Him & Her
Oral Sex is one of the most intimate types of sex.  The Kama Sutra devotes an entire chapter to diverse methods of this oral pleasure. Performed properly, it can bring the ultimate pleasure to your partner and deepen your relationship.  Discover an erotic combination of techniques for hands and tongue, and lead your partner to experience supreme sexual ecstasy and ultimate orgasm. Learn all you need to know about cunnilingus and fellatio to give your partner the ultimately satisfying experience in oral sex!

D717 - Forbidden Sex for Curious Lovers
Anal sex is the most intimate as well as the most exciting type of sex. It requires trust, responsibility, and respect from both partners. Learn the right way to do it, preparing both partners for an ultimate sexual experience. This program is for beginners and advanced partners, exploring anal stimulation, extending the sphincter, lubricants, steamy techniques and anal sex positions. Includes information on how to avoid discomfort and make anal sex - for women in particular – a safe, relaxed and pleasurable experience.

D718 - Sexual Body-to-Body Massage
Asian techniques are regarded as champions of erotic massage and sensual love services. In this program, a hot Thai woman spoils her partner with a full array of erotic experiences. A spicy Body-to-Body Oil Massage with a happy ending leads to pure ecstasy. Learn how you can experience this exotic full-body slide over each other to achieve deeper intimacy and greater sexual health.

D719 - Masturbation Secrets for Him & Her
Masturbation is the best way to understand the reactions of your own body and achieve a high level of sexual freedom. For men who are constantly under pressure to perform, it’s a sensual experience to let go and worry only about pleasuring yourself, as well as how to control an erection and delay sexual climax. For women, many experience their most intense orgasm through masturbation. Learn where you do and don’t like to be touched, how much pressure you prefer, and what does and doesn’t work for you. Take these techniques for bringing yourself to orgasm into your lovemaking, and experience a deeper level of intimacy with your partner.

D720 - Exotic Sexual Massage Secrets
This erotic massage from the mysterious East is a beautiful and sensual way to pamper and relax your partner. Originating in 16th Century harems, the ritual is a mixture of Arabic tradition and Tantric influences from India. It begins with a sensual bathing ceremony and head massage, followed by a soapy body-to-body-massage, then oil massage. It is finished with an extensive Lingam massage, the intimate pleasuring of a man’s genitals. Become the perfect lover by giving your partner this loving, sexual massage.

D721 - Penis Extension Techniques
The size of the penis is frequently linked to self-confidence for a man, because a large penis is often equated with masculinity and virility and the ability to truly satisfy a woman. The techniques shown here have their origin in the Arabic region and have been practiced for thousands of years. Your pride and joy can grow in only a few weeks through daily training and exercising of PC muscles to increase the virility, duration, and stability of your erection, and enrich your love life!


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