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Dr. Patti Britton, is a Certified Sexuality Educator, Clinical exologist and Sex Coach. She has helped thousands of couples enhance their sexuality through her four books, workshops, and DVDs. Dr. Britton has appeared on numerous national TV programs on CBS, FX, and NBC, and is frequently quoted in Cosmo, Redbook, Men's Fitness, Men's Health ... read more

Why Loving Sex?

If you’re in a relationship and you want to spice up your sex life, the Loving Sex DVD series from the Alexander Institute is a must-own. It’s informative, educational, and sexy. This makes it perfect for enjoying together as a couple.

There are many sex education programs out there, so what makes ours a real standout? Here are 8 compelling reasons:

  1. Our program features real couples having real sex in real life situations. There’s nothing manufactured or fake about it.
  2. It’s designed for couples who want to improve their relationships or marriages. This isn’t just about titillation; it’s about proving helpful tips and sexual insights.
  3. That’s not to say our programs aren’t hot. Loving Sex offers the perfect mix of sexual education and tastefully filmed, real sex.
  4. The onscreen sexuality encyclopedia and included information and resources makes each program invaluable.
  5. Men’s Health Magazine and other publications ranked the Loving Sex series as one of the best on the market.
  6. The hosts for each DVD in the series include sex therapists, educators, and best-selling authors. They know their stuff!
  7. Each DVD is priced for the budget-conscious and is also available in gift sets to increase the value to you, our loyal customer.
  8. It’s easy to pair our sexy programs with our books, toys, and kits for lovers.

If you want to improve your sex life, strengthen your relationship, and enjoy watching real couples have sex, the Loving Sex DVD series is the perfect addition to your sexual education collection.