Ooh By Je Joue Mini Motor



Product Details

You're a slave to love, sure, but never a slave to your luggage. Ooh By Je Joue presents this discreet Mini Motor for when it's nobody's else's business. This little sprout powers a whole slew of shapes, so you can mix things up--and its petite design makes it great for stowing within arm's reach as well as for traveling lightly. Plus, in a design this sleek and playful, a TSA agent or Airbnb guest will be none the wiser. More Details : Rechargeable.3 speeds and 2 vibration patterns.Waterproof. Compatible with mini-sized Ooh be Je Joue shapes only (sold separately) Powerful yet quiet. Material: ABS Plastic Color: White Measurements: L 0.90" W 1.40" H 1.40" From JeJoue.

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