Je Joue New York City Pleasure Kit - Limited Edition



Product Details

The New York City Pleasure kit brings two of the best selling Je Joue items together the Mio cock ring and the Mimi Soft for the ultimate couples experience. The Je Joue Mimi Soft features a softer tip than the original Je Joue Mimi. A compact gem that offers a range of vibration speeds and patterns, from subtle to intense, Mimi is a versatile bedroom treasure, to enjoy with a partner, or keep to yourself. With five vibration levels and patterns, from gentle to powerful, Mimi is truly versatile: try a subtle setting to tease and caress, or more intense vibrations if you like a powerful buzz.Super-soft, flexible, powerful - share stronger, longer, simultaneous orgasms with your partner using the Je Joue Mio. This cock ring will keep him harder for longer, and give her intense external vibration during sex, making sure you both get more. Super smooth and soft, Mio is easy to put on - so it doesn't interrupt your pleasure. Once the penis is hard, simply add a dash of water-based lube and slide it down to the base, making sure the vibrating section is positioned upwards. Now that you're comfortable with Mio, turn it on and experiment with its five vibration levels and patterns to discover your couple's favorite - and pursue that simultaneous orgasm!Don't miss out on the included silky ties. You can use as a sensuous blindfold or if you're feeling adventurous, tie your partner up until they beg for release.

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