Intimate Yoga for Couples

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Sensual Routines for Great Sex 

* Over 270 COLOR Photos! 
* Includes Coupon for FREE DVD! 

Yoga as a spiritual system with a physical component is fully explored in these intimate routines. Couples will find their relationships resonating with a deeper harmony by making the body flexible and strong while drawing clarity and peace into the mind and emotions. Learn about the benefits of deep breathing and explore the chakras, solo positions and romantic partner positions. These creative and sensual practices will add both tenderness and power to your relationship. Over 270 COLOR photographs, artful sequencing and easy to follow instructions will appeal to both novice and seasoned practitioner. 

With 20 years of experience as a yoga instructor and massage therapist, author Mishabae believes that if you take the practices in this book off the mat and into your lovemaking, the experience of great sex can be yours to share, nurture and expand upon. 

"I consider this to be one of the best forms of Couples Therapy I have ever encountered. Thank you for this brave and beautiful work." 
Karen Banyan - Family therapist, MA, PhD. 

"An intuitive sensual dance, Mishabae's artful sequencing makes everyone from reluctant newbie to seasoned practitioner open up to new possibilities of feeling and expression.” 
Matt Meko – Yoga Professional, Mekosun Hawaii. 

Book: 162 Pages 

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