Endless Shades of Great Sex DVD & Mask Kit

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• Endless Shades of Great Sex DVD
• Masquerade Mask

2 Programs on one DVD! Includes the explicit program GREAT SEX POSITIONS: Bondage & Beyond. Explicit sexual positions using bondage are demonstrated.
Redefine BDSM and explore the sensual art of bondage as a way for couples to “play.” Drop your inhibitions, try these roles for a few hours, and bring your fantasies to life. Bondage is a type of domination, an exchange of trust best enjoyed between committed couples. Fantasies of sexual surrender offer an escape from real life responsibilities. Indulge in sexual misbehavior with your loved one, have fun, and keep connected!!

*Includes 19 scenarios to inspire role play 
*Learn to dominate or be dominated 
*Discover floggers, restraints and sexy accessories for couples 
*Create your own erotic scenes from your favorite novels 
*Bring your ultimate fantasies to life

90 minutes, Explicit
Languages English, Spanish, French, and German subs & menus
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